Don Keenan

Don Keenan portrait by the artist Trevor Goring

Don Keenan

During his 40 year national career, Don Keenan has twice been chosen “Trial Lawyer of the Year” and was given the distinction as a “person of courage” by Oprah Winfrey  He has handled cases in over 47 states and 5 foreign countries. NBC News featured him as a pioneer in the evolution of focus groups. He’s recognized as an innovator and out of the box leader of the trial bar serving as national President of ABOTA and President of the Inner Circle of Advocates. In 1993, Don founded the non-profit Keenan’s Kids Foundation.

Original portrait commissioned by leaders and supporters of the Keenan Ball College. The background reflects Don Keenan's service in the Marines, his Kids Foundation and his love of Bono's music.